The best logistics thesis of the year made for EKE-Electronics

The best logistics thesis of the year made for EKE-Electronics

The best logistics thesis of the year was made for EKE-Electronics. Amir Sultanbekov's bachelor’s thesis "Multi-objective Inventory Optimization tool development” made for EKE-Electronics in Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences was awarded as the best thesis of the year.

​​​​​​​Amir Sultanbekov made his thesis for EKE-Electronics Ltd intending to develop the control of its production material and the controllability of production. In his work, he used multi-objective optimization as a research method, which is a very advanced method in a bachelor's thesis. In addition to the convincing and comprehensive theoretical part, the actual research part of the work is a comprehensive and versatile solution that brings new and usable know-how to the entire field.

Amir Sultanbekov, EKE-Electronics ltd

"Amir's work is completely exceptional in terms of the choice of research method and the theoretical part of the work, not to mention the actual research part of the work, which has created a multi-objective optimization model by coding and utilizing the algorithms presented in the theory part. Optimization itself is already a relatively advanced method. In his work, however, Amir goes a step further, as multi-objective optimization was chosen as the method. It is already capable of increasing the value of the work, as the method is beyond the standard requirements and content of engineering studies", comments the supervisor Juha Sipilä.

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