EKE Group's business lines include the construction of residential areas and business premises, leasing business premises, and developing intelligent train management systems.

All of our lines of business aim to take care of our customers as well as possible because satisfied customers are the foundation for our success. We focus on providing our customers with reliability, comfort of use, and cost-efficiency through cutting-edge technology and excellent service. We also want to promote sustainable development with the solutions that we provide.

Intelligent train systems

For more than 35 years, EKE-Electronics Ltd has been producing intelligent train systems tailored according to the needs of train and train car manufacturers, helping train operators to provide even better service to their customers and to increase the efficiency of mobile equipment operation.


Intelligent train system

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Our construction business focuses on building “villages that care”. We do not just want to build functional, high-quality homes; we want to create neighbourhoods where it is easy and comfortable to live, and where the “villagers” create the village spirit together. The Sundsberg area, which we built on the shore of Espoonlahti Bay, was voted Finland’s fourth best neighbourhood in autumn 2010 by a panel of construction industry experts and a public vote. A solid, family-owned company is a reliable partner for apartment buyers making a major investment.

When it comes to building business premises, we work with our clients to plan suitable premises on land we own or tailor suitable premises in existing buildings. In a short space of time, Pulkovo Sky Business Centre, located across from St Petersburg International Airport, gained a reputation as a highly regarded business centre. Our tenants appreciate the well-lit, efficient workspaces, advanced building technologies and our reliable and friendly service.

In Espoo, The Loft House office centre was completed in 2021 in Piispanportti, on the Länsiväylä motorway, close to the Matinkylä metro station and the Iso Omena shopping centre. The West 51 Business area in Kirkkonummi will be one of our next projects.

Residential construction

In low-rise housing we focus on creating ‘villages that care’. We do not just want to build high quality, functional homes. Instead, we want to create living environments that are easy and welcoming to live in, and where residents create their own ‘village spirit’. In the autumn of 2010, our Sundsberg development on the shore of Espoonlahti Bay was voted Finland’s fourth best residential area by the public and a panel of construction experts.

When building apartment blocks, we also try to take into account the wishes of residents and the needs of property investors in Finland and abroad. AsOy Kivistön Koneisto was one of additional sites at the Vantaa Housing Fair 2015. Loft by EKE apartments were among the top seven at the housing fair.

Our well-established family business with more than half a century of experience is a reliable partner for those making a large investment in an apartment.

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