When constructing business premises, we can create sophisticated individual solutions for the various premises needs of businesses, ranging from main office-level premises to industrial installations. We carried out our first logistics projects between 2005 and 2008 in the Vantaa Aviapolis area near Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. In 2016, we constructed the Volvo head office and maintenance facilities in the area. In 2021, we built the Piispanportti office centre, The Loft House, at Olari by the Länsiväylä motorway in Espoo. In 2009, we constructed a business centre and business facilities with a floor space of approx. 76,000 square metres next to Pulkovo Airport in Russia. At Kirkkonummi, we plan a Business Park for the Länsiväylä motorway area. We can construct high-quality business premises with a floor space of 40,000 square metres to satisfy our clients’ needs.

West 51 Business area, Kirkkonummi

Today is an excellent time to plan for tomorrow. The West 51 business area to be built along the Länsiväylä highway, within Ring III, offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity. The area will provide a long-awaited breath of fresh air to the range of business plots available in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

West 51 Business area

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Vantaan Rasti in Vantaa Aviapolis area

The Vantaan Rasti plot, located in the Vantaa Aviapolis area, still has the construction rights of approx. 23,000 square metres of offices and industrial and storage operations. Let us know what type of business premises your company would like to have. We will construct the suitable premises according to your wishes.

Rasti logistics center

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Housing construction

EKE Group builds entire residential areas, and our market area in Finland includes the metropolitan area and its surroundings. We aim to create safe, warm and village-like neighbourhoods that all the residents love. The apartments that we build are always well equipped and are built using high-quality materials. We pay particular attention to the functionality of the spaces. House management and service spaces are designed for the users, and there is enough of storage space.

Housing construction in Finland

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IBE Estonia OÜ has constructed in Estonia several residential areas consisting mainly of semi-detached and terraced houses, the largest of which is the Uuesalu development project that will eventually be home to around 400 families. EKE’s subsidiaries SIA EKE-Latvia and SIA KBO operate in Latvia. The companies are developing new residential blocks in Riga and its surroundings.

Housing construction abroad

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EKE’s concept of residential areas of single-family homes

EKE-Construction Ltd constructs entire residential areas of single-family homes. Tightly-knit neighbourhoods consisting of housing associations provide safety, and they suit modern busy people. The areas are surrounded with plenty of nature and park-like recreation areas that the residents value.

We carry out continuous research, listen to the residents and develop the areas accordingly. We support resident participation in different spare-time activities. In addition, we have interior decorators to develop the apartments according to the new residents’ desires. We want our apartments to be great places to live.