The Group

EKE Group is a Finnish family-owned diversified company established in 1961. We construct apartments and entire residential areas, we construct and lease business premises, and we also operate as a world-leading supplier of intelligent train systems.

The purpose of all our branches of activity is to provide solutions to facilitate our clients’ lives. We take care of our clients – satisfied clients are the basis for our success. EKE is committed to high quality in all its activities. Technologically, EKE’s products and solutions are the leaders in their field.

The parent company of the EKE group is EKE-Finance Ltd. It manages the financing of the group companies and provides administrative support services for its subsidiaries. Our headquarters are located in Espoo. Our other offices are located in Tallinn, Riga and Shanghai. In 2022, the group turnover was approx. EUR 65 million, and we had 209 employees.

EKE-Construction Ltd constructs dwellings, business premises, infrastructures and entire residential areas. Our objective for residential construction is to enable the use of the same dwelling and residential area whatever your situation is in life. When constructing business premises in our territories, we can create sophisticated individual solutions for metropolitan businesses.

Our foreign construction companies, IBE Estonia Oü in Tallinn, and SIA EKE-Latvia and SIA KBO in Riga, construct high-quality low-rise buildings and apartment blocks in the plots in their possession.

EKE-Electronics Ltd develops intelligent train electronics. In addition to Finland, our clients come from Australia, Asia, Europe and South America. Exports are the source of 90 per cent of our company’s turnover. Thanks to the deep technical know-how of our professionals in EKE-Electronics Ltd, we have been able to extend our EKE-Trainnet systems to functionalities with an SIL safety classification.


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