The Sundsberg Business Park

The Sundsberg Business Park

We are planning the Sundsberg Business Park at Kirkkonummi by the Länsiväylä motorway and the Kehä III national road. The 12-hectare area with an excellent location is owned by EKE-Rakennus Oy and its subsidiaries. The area is suitable for offices, stores, production and storage facilities and logistics centres.

Business premises of 3,000 to 40,000 square metres, or business premises centres to be divided into smaller sections, can be flexibly planned in the Sundsberg Business Park. There, clients can choose suitable business premises ranging from 35 to 20,000 square metres.

In a single block, flexible premises modules are planned for small businesses, which means that the premises may be expanded or reduced in size according to the businesses’ needs. The premises may be purchased or rented at a competitive price.

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